Well-Known Lawyer to Head Russian Blockchain Community

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 June 6, the management board of Blockchain.community elected Artem Tolkachev as its chairman instead of Alex Fork.


Artem Tolkachev

The same day, the board has renewed its line-up to include Bits.media founder Ivan Tikhonov, parliamentary candidate and founder of London-based cryptocurrency futures exchange Alexei Bragin, and Alex Fork, founder of Future fintech and author of the book titled “Bitcoin: More Than Money”.

Artem Tolkachev, the new board chairman, is the managing partner at law company Tolkachev & Partners, expert in legal regulation of crytotechnologies, and speaker at multiple local conferences on blockchain-related technologies.

In his farewell speech, Alex Fork thanked the community for the trust:

“The management board includes the best experts and renowned representatives of the industry. We’ve done a great job this year: meetups, meetings with the working groups at the Bank of Russia, Belarus’s and Moldova’s National Banks, Sberbank, and other organizations. Additionally, we’ve held multiple conferences and created cluster futurefintech.org to help new projects. I’m confident that the community will be able to solve even more problems using its participation and professional expertise. At this tense moment, it’s especially important that we have a solid legal position as to the technology. For that reason, I strongly support Artem Tolkachev as the board’s chairman. Artem, in my opinion, is the greatest legal expert for the industry in the entire Russian Federation.”

Tolkachev also thanked the community for their trust and expressed his hope that the community will become actively engaged in development of regulation and implementation of the technology throughout different sectors of economy.

“In my view, currently, the main task of the community is to consolidate opinions as to regulation of the technology and to expand its applicability both in Russia and beyond. At my side, I’m open to discussion, and willing to assist,” he said.

A permanent consultative entity for blockchain development has been created by a group of entrepreneurs in 2013. The community’s primary task is to consolidate opinions and to represent its participants.

The community incorporates companies engaged in development of blockchain technology and the respective market: Future fintech, Ethereum Foundation, Bw.com, 51asic, Bits.media, Tolkachev & Partners, Waves, Emerlabs, Bitbank.com, Cyber.fund, Satoshi.fund, Web-payment, Bitcoininfo, Cointelegraph, Newsbtc, Coinfox, ForkLog, Bitnovosti, Bitcoin&Blockchain Community Belarus, Kuna, BlockchainSolutions, Blockchain conferences etc.

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