Waves Partners with BioViva

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Blockchain platform Waves has announced it partnered with US-based scientific research company BioViva known for “addressing biological aging itself”.

The partnership was announced June 20 at a press conference in Moscow in the presence of Waves’ founder and CEO Sasha Ivanov, BioViva CEO Elizabeth Parrish, Avi Roy, representative of the Global Healthspan Policy Institute, and Future Fintech founder Alex Fork.

Elizabeth Parrish was the world’s first person to have undergone genetic rejuvenation procedure. Autumn 2015, she had genetic materials injected in her body. Those materials penetrated cell nuclei to halt the ageing process and launch rejuvenation processes. The company seeks to develop a medicine capable of extending human lifespan to 100 years or more.

BioViva also seeks to make the product affordable to most people in the world. Waves’ part in the quest is to provide a platform for issuance of the company’s shares. Thus, new financial technologies may promote BioViva development and help it reach its goal faster.

Waves is a decentralized blockchain-based system for crowdfunding campaigns and issuance of user cryptotokens. Over the course of its recent crowdsale campaign, the company has raised 29,445 BTC, which comprised around $16 million at the time of the campaign’s completion.


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