Ukrainian E-Government Platform To Employ Blockchain Tech

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In the course of the Blockchain Conference Kyiv, held on March 19, Yegor Stephanovych, the CIO of Ukrainian Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers, presented the draft project for e-government platform dubbed E-Ukraine.

“E-Ukraine is the distributed online portal for government, business and society interaction in order to develop and to implement government policy in IT sphere,” he said.


According to government official’s opinion, nowadays the Ukrainian state management, from ministers to town mayors and regional governors, do not understand the nation’s demand for e-government, just because they don’t have reliable sources of information about how these new technologies will improve the results of their work. Yet the statesmen are usually not keen on following what has been already done in this direction all over the country. This is partly because most initiatives are rather local and there’s a lot of experimenting.

Talking to blockchain developers at the conference Stephanovych expressed an opinion, that blockchain technology could and should be used as the base for future online government services.

“I encourage you to find out the blockchain-based solutions for Electronic Ukraine,” declared project leader.


The portal E-Ukraine will be deployed to carry out three functions:

  • Information – it will describe the e-government strategy, the existing projects, and government standards.
  • Usage – site visitors will be able to find and to use the existing projects, e.g. blockchain auctions, online voting platform, and state registry.
  • Involvement – the project starters want to encourage the community to contribute to Ukrainian e-government development, so project exchange for startups, community voting and discussion platforms, petition services and open-source documentation will be deployed.

Ukrainians will be able to propose their own ideas and projects to be discussed and voted for.

“We’re launching the project exchange for business so that businesses will be able to see the whole picture of e-government in Ukraine, from local governance to ministry levels, and to understand where they can apply themselves,” said Stephanovych.


As the speaker said, the Cabinet officials successfully lobbied the Parliament hearing of the project to be held and have got the positive recommendations regarding its launch.

“We included it [platform deployment] into Cabinet’s schedule for 2016. According to our plans, it will be deployed in September. However, we will launch the pilot version in June or July 2016,” further explained Stephanovych.

At the time of writing the project’s team develops the preliminary specifications and plans to post them for public discussion on Facebook in the beginning of April.

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