Ukraine’s Finance Minister Attends Local Blockchain Hackathon

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Saturday, September 24, Ukraine’s minister of finance, Alexander Danilyuk, has attended All-Ukraine Blockchain Hackathon in Kyiv.

The event is organized by Distributed Lab, IDF Reforms Lab and Gesellberg.

“It’s nice to see all of you here! Personally, everything that goes on here is very interesting and immediate. For one I wish to say the following: it’s always a pleasure to work with what is ahead of progress,” the minister said.


This July, Alexander Danilyuk contacted the Blockchain Incredible Party 001 in Odessa via Skype to claim that Ukraine may become the world’s first country to use a transparent blockchain-based system for selling public property.

The minister also confessed he once considered scientific career.

“Sometimes you take a look at what scientists are doing, and feel something like friendly envy. It’s miracles that you’re doing. And I too wish to be a part of it.”

According to the minister, he is interested in blockchain because of the technology’s reliability and manipulation resistance.

“Speaking of Ukraine, lots of things here are based on manipulation. Mistrust for authorities [is] related to the fact that we’re inside and can manipulate, so the thing is about changing the very mechanics of our work. Blockchain can help it! I wish you effective work and good spirits,” Danilyuk added.



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