Ukraine: Tickets for Any Show Now Available for Bitcoins

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Now Ukrainian residents may pay for cinema, theater, and other tickets with Bitcoins. Cryptocurrency payments for those services became possible due to event aggregator and online store

We expect to enter global market to make it possible for people to buy tickets, say, to a dolphinarium in Sochi for Bitcoins. I should emphasize that we dont know of any 2shows counterparts in terms of cryptocurrency payments, so probably we are the worlds first service allowing people to integrally interact with entertainment industry by means of cryptocurrency, says Oles Slobodenyuk, the services founder.

Previously Mr. Slobodenyuk launched Ukraines first grocery store accepting Bitcoin, and also initiated #takemybitcoin flash mob performed to increase cryptocurrency awareness amongst restaurant owners. Also he designed a Bitcoin heater for a private mansion.

Mechanism of Bitcoin payment acceptance

At the moment of writing, the service has processed 5 purchases to the extent of roughly 12,000 hryvnias (around $ 550). The service is adjusted to account for hriyvnia transactions, and wallet address is permanent. The services Bitcoin address 1g7RCCYBe2J95AfsJCCLDLDZJrdSt1o3c had been registered with with public address token of 2showBitPay.

The services public address is linked in BitPays personal cabinet settings. Payments are effected on a daily basis on the next day.

BitPay transacts the bitcoins to 2shows Bitcoin wallet address the next day, i.e. Bitcoins for todays cinema ticket are transacted to BitPays wallet 1g7RCCYBe2J95AfsJCCLDLDZJrdSt1o3c the next day.
To my reckoning, a cryptocurrency business should be targeted at transparency and positive image formation. Thus, if a seller starts accepting Bitcoin, it seems profitable to use the same wallet address, as buyers will be able to see how much transactions there were. First, its a kind of an entrance threshold for dishonest players, and second, it makes entrepreneurs be responsible whilst working with cryptocurrencies, and maintain transparent and open business. Thus its like a declaration of accepting Bitcoin not for fun, but because its convenient and provides grounds for customer trust and reliance, says Slobodenyuk.

ForkLogs editorial board decided to stop wasting time and go to the pictures for Bitcoin tonight.

1. We chose an interesting movie in Odessa and flagged Bitcoin as payment method.

2. Then we chose preferable seats in the auditorium.

3. We switched to payment page and effected a transaction.

4. Now we know for sure what to do Friday night.

Ukraine maintains its reputation as CIS leader of Bitcoin integration and acceptance. Local cryptocurrency community effectively interacts with the National Bank of Ukraine and other government entities, spreads the word, and accelerates cryptocurrency integration. And, furthermore, local businesses have started accepting Bitcoin payments.

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