Two Major Exchanges Experienced DDoS Attacks. Who’s next?

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Shortly after DDoS attack on the major Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, BTCC, two other Bitcoin exchanges reported DDoS attacks on their sites within the last 24 hours.


Bitcoin exchange BTC-e has been offline for as long as four hours. According to the company’s tweets and official statements at the website, the exchange was subject to a DDoS attack.

However, now the site is reported to be functional:

The exchange’s downtime occurred during a surge in bitcoin exchange rates at American and Chinese markets. Whether the attack has anything to do with the price growth or not, remains unknown. BTC-e provided no comments concerning the issue.

BTC-e suffered from distribied denial of service attacks earlier.


As soon as BTC-e repelled the attack, another exchange, BitStamp, tweeted:

However, Bitstamp was back online soon:

During the recent attack on BTCC the attackers demanded a ransom varying from 1 to 30 BTC over time, however, the company did not respond to the attackers’ messages, reinforced their protection systems, and the attack eventually faded away. There’s no information on ransom demands this time.

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