Trading Operations at BTC-e Halted Due to Unscheduled Maintenance

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One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges with Russian language support, BTC-e, has suddenly halted operations Sunday morning. Users have been unable to withdraw their funds for several hours now.

At the moment of writing, the platform itself remains accessible, as well as the chat. However, any attempt to withdraw funds returns a database error message.

A few minutes ago, the exchange tweeted:

No further clarification as to the situation are available now. The exchange’s administration provided no further comments, so the reasons behind the halting remain unclear.

However, according to transaction history of BTC-e’s hot wallet, no significant amounts have been withdrawn during last hours.

Earlier this week, BTC-e has gone offline for a short while due to expiration of an SSL certificate. However, it resumed operations in less than 24 hours.

ForkLog will continue monitoring the situation. is the world’s biggest Russian-speaking cryptocurrency exchange. It is one of the world’s ten biggest exchanges in terms of trading volume.

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