TON Developers Pushed Final Code Updates, Now It’s Up to Community

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Telegram Open Network developers have rolled out a few final updates to the source code and will no longer actively participate in the project. The announcements came on May 24th via TON’s test portal page.

The original team’s withdrawal from active development puts an end to a long-lasting legal confrontation between Telegram and the SEC. Earlier in The Commission succeeded in obtaining a court ruling prohibiting Telegram from offering Grams in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world. As a result, the team headed by Pavel Durov decided not to proceed with the blockchain project.

Notably, before Telegram’s decision to quit was announced, community enthusiasts together with main TON validators and developers launched Free TON, a continuation of the ideas and tech of the original Telegram’s TON.

The final updates from the original developers included “almost finished” components of TON Storage, TON Payments, and CPS Fift that have been moved from testing branches to the main branch. The developers mentioned that some occasional bugfixes and GitHub activity may still come, but only as a voluntary commitment from the team members in their spare time.

Some of the internal development branches that have been in active development and testing may get integrated into the main branch. Some minor bugfixes and Github issue answers may occasionally appear if any of the members of the original team have the spare time and inclination to contribute to the community’s efforts. The principal development of the TON code is transferred to the free source community,” reads the update on TON’s test portal.

Dmitry Goroshevsky, CTO of TON Labs, one of the founding parties behind Free TON, explained that the TON Storage component works “like a torrent on top of the blockchain” and is meant for storing large objects with provable validity, while the other updates have to do with improvements to scripts and protocols. He noted that the original team did a lot of work on the project, but there’s still a lot left to do.

Currently, Free TON is accepting proposals for three competitions meant to bring new tools to work with TON blockchain, create a new voting system for the project, and find an optimal way to airdrop TON Crystal tokens.

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