The Munich Killer’s Weapon Bought for Bitcoins Was a Theatrical Prop

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Last week, the world’s media was full of terrible news on a shootdown in a mall in the German city of Munich committed by a man of Iranian descent. According to Suddeutsche Zeitung, the gun that the killer bought on the dark web, was initially a replica.

The publication reported that the weapon was earlier disabled and used as a prop in stage productions. However, the very information that bitcoins were used to purchase the gun, launched yet another discussion on imposing stricter controls on cryptocurrency.

Later on, the media referenced Bavaria’s head of criminal police Robert Heimberger, who elaborated how the killer could get the weapon. Glock 17 used in the act of terror was sold in 2014 for theatrical productions and intentionally disabled for that purpose. That was the state Ali Sonbali bought it in. Later, he repaired the gun on his own.

Thus, some media distorted the tragedy’s background and launched a wave of accusations in regard of cryptocurrency, intentionally or out of ignorance.

July 22, Ali Sobanli (18) shot down eight people at the mall, injuring 16 more and shooting himself in the end.

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