The Counter-Attack on The DAO Quickly Drains Its Funds

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A white hat attack on The DAO led by Alex Van de Sande of the Ethereum Foundation has been launched to protect its funds.

The Attacker will strike again!

As the recursive call vulnerability of The DAO’s contract has not been fixed, the attackers will inevitably repeat their attacks. Under this assumption the Ethereum developers started a new “counter-attack” against The DAO  at fast pace.

The tweet about that has been published by Chief Designer of Mist and one of the project’s Curators, Alex Van de Sande:

Interestingly, as the original DAO’s address still has more than $4m worth of ether on it, the main white hat attack’s address has already amassed about $89m worth of ether.

The DAO contract's balance, Etherscan

The DAO contract’s balance, Etherscan

The Counter-Attack's main address, Etherscan

The Counter-Attack’s main address, Etherscan

The information of the counter-attack has been also confirmed by Stephan Tual of team.

The Blackhat attack

The decision to organize a counter-attack was probably made in the light of new attack on The DAO, briefly mentioned by Van de Sande in the other tweet:

This way the ongoing counter-attack will address the new blackhat attack and all the future attacks on The DAO funds. The technology used is apparently exploiting the same vulnerability as now infamous “The Attacker” did, still there’s not much known of the process, except that more than one withdraw address is being used as this reddit post suggests.

All non-zero transactions Concerning the DAO from TheDao

According to the information above, the today’s blackhat attack address has already amassed more than 11,6 thousand of ether, being worth of about $143 thousand.

The Blackhat's address, Etherscan

The Blackhat’s address, Etherscan

Finally, Alex Van de Sande reported the current situation on the counter-attack:

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