Telegram Now Features a Bot for Cryptocurrency Prices Monitoring

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Telegram now features a basic bot that the cryptocommunity might find useful, DCBot (@BlokchainBot). It informs users on prices of diverse cryptocurrencies, and shows news posted in related media.

Telegram bot dialogue window

Telegram bot dialogue window

The bot shows the most relevant info on exchange rates of crypto vs. fiat, fiat vs. crypto, and crypto vs. crypto. Currently, 12 cryptocurrencies are supported, including BTC, ETH, ETC, Waves, and DASH, as well as nine fiat currencies.

“We thoroughly studied the basic needs of users and tried to make DCBot as easy and simple as possible. The basic things one might want to know throughout a day at a glance is cryptocurrency prices and latest news. As the pace of life is very fast these days, the information should be easily available, literally on the go. DCBot is made considering those requirements,” one of DCBot’s creators, B3rl1n, told ForkLog.

Cryptocurrency news feed uses materials posted in such publications as ForkLog, BitcoinMagazine,, and CoinDesk.

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