Creating Token In 5 Minutes. Enecuum Example Creating Token In 5 Minutes. Enecuum Example

Creating your own token has become much simpler over the past decade, but still, you have to know how to write a smart contract to launch an Ethereum (ETH) token or purchase some RAM to do it on EOS.

Justin Sun May Lose Battle for Steemit as Exchanges Flee the Battlefield 

On March 2, Justin Sun and three major centralized exchanges Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex thwarted the soft coup, attempted by Steemit’s witness super-majority. Please check our extensive investigation on that whole kerfuffle.

To the Coup and Back: Story Behind Steemit Community’s Failed Revolt

Tron Foundation led by the industry celebrity Justin Sun has recently acquired Steemit, one of the oldest and most popular blockchain-based social media platforms.

Justin Sun’s Secret Projects, or What Lies Beneath Tron Founder’s Empire

From the moment of its inception, the Tron platform and its founder Justin Sun have garnered significant attention from news media within the crypto-industry. There are perfectly legitimate reasons for this, such as important technological releases or major acquisitions. There is also an abundance of much more controversial news hooks, surrounding the person of this […]

TRON Announces BitTorrent File System Protocol

Blockchain platform Tron, which is behind the decentralized, web focused cryptocurrency TRX, announced plans to develop a BitTorrent-based version of decentralized file system InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

Tether to Issue New USDT Stable Coin on Tron Blockchain

Tether Limited, issuer of USDT stable coin, has announced a partnership with Blockchain protocol Tron to introduce USDT as a native token to the Tron network.