Bitcoin Surges Above $4100 to Set New ATH

Bitcoin surpassed $4,100 on Sunday, August 13, 2017, reaching its latest milestone and setting yet another all-time high.

Bitcoin Rally Continues: Price Tops $900

The incredible rally of bitcoin price continued overnight into Friday. As of 5.00 UTC, the first cryptocurrency’s weighted average exchange rate has surpassed the $900 mark.

Bitcoin Price Tops $850

Bitcoin has surpassed the $850 mark, and by 8.00 UTC its average weighted exchange rate has comprised $863.52. At Bitstamp, Bitcoin price is currently $858, while Bitfinex offers $859, and BTC-e $844.

Bitcoin Price Tops $800

Overnight into Wednesday, December 21, bitcoin price has reached its maximum since February 2014 following the new spate of activity on the side of Chinese investors, effectively surpassing $800.