Creating Token In 5 Minutes. Enecuum Example Creating Token In 5 Minutes. Enecuum Example

Creating your own token has become much simpler over the past decade, but still, you have to know how to write a smart contract to launch an Ethereum (ETH) token or purchase some RAM to do it on EOS.

How To Spot a Shitcoin?

There is no shortage of coins and tokens in the crypto-industry. How many of them are any good is the question. 

SEC Issues Guidance on Digital Asset Securities Regulatory Framework

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has just released a statement on the regulatory status of digital assets, providing a new unofficial framework for identifying and recognizing potential security tokens/coins.

Russia’s Biggest Social Network Could Launch Own Crypto – Report

Vkontakte, the biggest and most popular social media in Russia, might join the ranks of Facebook and Telegram and launch its own cryptocurrency. As reported by local publication RNS on Friday, March 29, Vkontakte is looking into the question.

Ground Control to Major Tom: Changelly and Enjin Launch Co-Branded Blockchain Explorer and Gaming Assets

Non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange Changelly, in collaboration with Singapore-based blockchain development platform Enjin, has announced that they will launch a Changelly-branded blockchain explorer to provide users with a seamless, ad-free experience for verifying transactions. After designing the customized version of EnjinX, Changelly and Enjin are continuing their collaboration to create “Major Tom,” a new Ethereum […]

German Ministry of Finance Presents Paper on Blockchain Securities Regulation

A paper on the regulation of blockchain-based securities has been published by the German Federal Ministry of Finance. In this document, the regulator discusses the introduction of regulations for electronic securities and the issuance of crypto tokens, defining the key points on the issue.

Nearly 1,000 Crypto Projects Declared Dead in 2018

Nearly 1,000 cryptocurrency projects have officially become ‘dead’ projects over the course of 2018, Chepicap reported citing data provided by Coinopsy and DeadCoins.

Waves Platform Announces Launch of Waves Community Token (WCT)

The Waves blockchain platform has announced the upcoming launch of a new token as a part of its recently introduced Custom Application Token (CAT) facility on the mainnet. The new token distribution will enable Waves to foster community engagement in the next nine months.

Waves Founder Sasha Ivanov on Blockchain’s Omnitude and Recipe for Successful ICO

In an exclusive interview, CEO and founder of Waves Sasha Ivanov told ForkLog about his vision of development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain; new emerging trends in fundraising; and gave a few valuable pieces of advice to anyone considering an ICO.