Tackling Terrorism: Blockchain vs Laws

In 2016, a set of amendments to anti-terrorism legislation, also known as the Yarovaya Package (called so after the Russian Duma deputy Irina Yarovaya who initially proposed the measures) has become the most crucial event in the recent history of Russian IT industry.

Bitcoin Terror Threat Terrorist Threat to Digital Currencies

These days, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are starring in speeches by various European officials proceeding from terrorist funding assumptions.

Europol Finds No Evidence Linking Bitcoin to Islamic State

According to a recent report by Europol, the EU top law enforcement agency, there is no evidence to back allegations concerning possible usage of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by the Islamic State terrorists to fund their activities. “There is no evidence however of IS-financing networks in existence. Despite third party reporting suggesting the use of […]

Bitcoin Opponents Use the Paris Massacre to Defame Cryptocurrency

In the wake of the tragic events in Paris, some cryptocurrency-related sources started spreading information on allegedly existing proofs of terrorist funding via bitcoin. Thus, NewsBTC, with reference to an anonymous representative of Ghost Security Group (GSG), a self-proclained international group of counter-terrorist hackers, claims that the Islamic State has custody of bitcoin wallets containing […]