Korea Imposes 20% Tax on Capital Gains From Crypto Transactions

South Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance has established a 20% income tax on cryptocurrency transactions. The new regulations have been included in the revised tax code.

Russian Central Bank Pushes For ‘Professional’ Miners Taxation

The deputy head of Russia’s central bank Olga Skorobogatova has stated that cryptocurrency mining as a business has to be registered and taxed. The official insists that mining is more than just production of cryptocurrencies. “Mining is validation of transactions that are represented as blocks on the blockchain. Validation is carried out by finding complex […]

Russia Has No Plans to Tax Cryptocurrencies

Russian parliament plans to review a bill that legalizes cryptocurrencies this September. According to Elina Sidorenko, the head of the parliament’s working group of cryptocurrencies, the bill, however, does not include provisions as to tax regulation of virtual money.

Japan to End 8% Bitcoin Sales Tax

According to media reports, Japan’s Financial Services Agency, the country’s financial regulator, is weighing on abandoning the 8% sales tax which bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are currently subject to.

Russia’s Tax Service to Use Blockchain to Get Rid of Tax Statements

Russia’s Federal Tax Service (FTS) has stated its intent to use blockchain technology in getting away from statement-based mechanism of working with companies. FTS believes it would significantly simplify the exchange of documents and render an enormous accountancy staff unnecessary along with increasing the system’s overall efficiency.

New Hampshire’s Bitcoin Tax Bill Voted Down

The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted down the bill HR522 which had implied that the state could collect taxes and fees in bitcoins, CoinDesk reported.