Steemit Community Will Launch Hive Hard Fork to Get Rid of Justin Sun Steemit Community Will Launch Hive Hard Fork to Get Rid of Justin Sun

Steemit community has been restless ever since the announced acquisition of the platform by Justin Sun. Now, they finally decided to break up with Steem. On March 20 a Steemit hard fork named Hive will launch.

Justin Sun May Lose Battle for Steemit as Exchanges Flee the Battlefield 

On March 2, Justin Sun and three major centralized exchanges Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex thwarted the soft coup, attempted by Steemit’s witness super-majority. Please check our extensive investigation on that whole kerfuffle.

To the Coup and Back: Story Behind Steemit Community’s Failed Revolt

Tron Foundation led by the industry celebrity Justin Sun has recently acquired Steemit, one of the oldest and most popular blockchain-based social media platforms.

Steemit Alters Economic Model Due to Community Demand

Steemit, the popular decentralized social media platform, has made significant changes to its economic model due to community demand.

Steemit to Have a Separate Russian-language Project

The Cyber.Fund team has announced creation of a Russian-language within decentralized social network Steemit. The Golos (“Voice”) project will undergo an ICO. Steemit earlier claimed to have an unprecedented traffic level comparable to that of early Facebook and Reddit, however, the Russian-speaking community seemed to fail to see any advantages in that. Cyber.Fund’s statement notes […]

CEO of Steemit: Blockchain-Based Social Media Gives People Their Freedom Back

Founders of Steemit, a platform rewarding its users for creating and curating content, believe that  blockchain technology can be applied to social media. Forklog discussed the idea of leveraging the technology behind bitcoin for social media applications with Ned Scott, Steemit Co-founder and CEO. Forklog: The first question is about the basic idea of a […]