Russian Police Confiscates Bitcoin ATMs in a Major Swoop Across the Country

Russian company BBFpro had two dozens of Bitcoin ATMs confiscated by law enforcement with no explanations or advance inquiry from the prosecutors.

Confidence Shattered: Bitcoin and Blockchain after Nationalization of Ukraine’s PrivatBank

Rumors of Ukraine’s largest commercial bank PrivatBank inevitable nationalization have been circulating for a long time. One may only guess whether the new record set at Ukraine’s LocalBitcoins last week has anything to do with that; however, the USD exchange rate in Ukraine definitely has, as millions of the bank’s clients rushed to convert their […]

Tackling Terrorism: Blockchain vs Laws

In 2016, a set of amendments to anti-terrorism legislation, also known as the Yarovaya Package (called so after the Russian Duma deputy Irina Yarovaya who initially proposed the measures) has become the most crucial event in the recent history of Russian IT industry.

DayLight Team to Create a Blockchainized State

Attempts to resolve governance issues with blockchain technology are becoming more frequent these days; however, practical implementation examples are scarce in this regard. Recently launched blockchain platform DayLight is another ambitious project exploring new paths in this area, and hopefully it could arrive at something bigger.

Blockchain-based e-Voting to Be Launched in Odessa Region, Ukraine

E-Vox team has announced the launch of blockchain-based e-voting service e-Vox:NaRada at the City Rada (council) of Balta, a town in Odessa Region of Ukraine.

Humankind Evolution: Liberté, Égalité, Chaîne de blocs

These days, blockchain ceased being a mere computer technology with limited scope of applications, but a sort of a philosophic concept applicable anywhere in human society. In particular, it may be successfully implemented in state building and reformation of both governance systems and the society in general.

Crypto Expert Says Blockchain Is the Only Option to Solve Ukraine’s Fundamental Problems

Blockchain technology is the only option to solve Ukraine’s fundamental problems, including corruption, reforms, and non-transparency of elections, cryptocurrency expert Mike Chobanyan told ForkLog.

Hashing Cash: Will Cryptocurrencies Replace Banknotes?

Earlier this February, German ministry of finance came up with a proposal to limit cash transactions to 5,000 Euros. While the move has launched yet another set of indignation ripples across local society, it can hardly be perceived as something new.

Russia Intends to Control Internet Traffic

Russian Ministry of Communications has prepared a draft law implying government control of internet traffic. According to the document, the authorities will be entitled to control internet traffic routes within Russia.

Bitcoin Terror Threat Terrorist Threat to Digital Currencies

These days, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are starring in speeches by various European officials proceeding from terrorist funding assumptions.