Chess Ex-Champion Garry Kasparov: Bitcoin is Natural Choice in Fight Against Human Rights Violations

Former chess champion and human rights advocate Garry Kasparov has called Bitcoin and blockchain technology “very natural choices” in the struggle against human rights violations, Forbes reported on July 23.

Labor as Value: Classic and Contemporary Labor Money

The history of labor cost theory is very ancient. People have long ago concluded that any product requires some time and work long ago. And, the more labor and time the product creation takes, the more valuable it is, and the higher is its cost.

Humankind Evolution: Liberté, Égalité, Chaîne de blocs

These days, blockchain ceased being a mere computer technology with limited scope of applications, but a sort of a philosophic concept applicable anywhere in human society. In particular, it may be successfully implemented in state building and reformation of both governance systems and the society in general.

If There Was No Blockchain, It Would Have to Be Invented

This article was written by philosophist and member of Russia’s Futurology Association Alexander Boldachev exclusively for ForkLog.

Bitcoin as a Feminist Weapon

Gender differentiation today looks outdated and uncourteous in today’s society, not because there are no differences of that kind, but because depriving people on that basis is a mere nineteenth century. Some people just tend to discriminate others, but they’re inconsistent, and choose the most illogical concepts from the bunch of coal-and-steam ideas, even though they […]

BitFury to Eliminate Corruption With Blockchain Technology

Full service blockchain technology company The Bitfury Group has joined forces with the non-governmental organization the National Democratic Institute to form the Blockchain Trust Accelerator Initiative.

How Blockchain May Finish Off Big Corporations

Old-fashioned corporations and traditional business schemes continuously give ground these days. As the world gradually submerges in the ocean of postmodernist paradigm, the very essence of successful businesses is changing, with a term ‘Uber moment’ used to refer to those changes. Indeed, the same Uber is a cab company that owns no cars. Similarly, Alibaba […]