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Russian President’s Internet Advisor Calls Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies a Virus

German Klimenko, internet advisor for Russian president, told TV channel Tsargrad that blockchain technology, as well as cryptocurrency, is but a usual hype related to people’s desire to make profits from a trending theme. “There’s a word, ‘hype’, which means that discussion omits some reasonable issues, or a trending theme, a brain virus. Blockchain and […]

RosFinMonitoring: Bitcoin and Blockchain Have to Be Legally Regulated

Deputy director of Russia’s Federal Service for Financial Monitoring Pavel Livadny deems it necessary to introduce a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology as a federal law.

Russian Internet Ombudsman Calls Bitcoin Banning Attempts ‘Downright Ludicrous’

According to Dmitry Marinichev, Russia’s Internet ombudsman, the government’s attempts to interfere in the development of blockchain technology, and to ban bitcoins, are totally meaningless.

Russia Postpones Consideration of Bitcoin Banning Bill until Late 2016

Russian ministry of finance in cooperation with other departments is preparing yet another revision of a bill banning issuance and turnover of Bitcoin in Russia. Now, the document is expected to be submitted to the Parliament by the end of 2016, as opposed to earlier schedule suggesting the bill will be reviewed as early as […]

Russian Parliamentary Candidate to Promote Bitcoin Legalization

Alexey Bragin, board member of Blockchain.community and coordinator at ReactOS, has confirmed he intends to stand as a parliamentary candidate to participate in primary elections in order to partake in elections for the Russian Parliament, the State Duma, this September.

Russian Federal Financial Monitoring Service Says Bitcoin Ban Bill Should Be Revised

Pavel Livadny, deputy director of Federal Financial Monitoring Service of Russia (Rosfinmonitoring), has suggested that the bill implying ban of cryptocurrency in Russia will have to be revised.

Leaked Letter: Russian Parliament to Hold a Cryptocurrency Conference

On 2 June 2016, Russian Parliament, the State Duma, will hold an international conference titled “Electronic Currency in Light of Contemporary Legal and Economic Challenges”. The letter describing the forthcoming event was signed by deputy chairman of Duma’s committee for security and anti-corruption Andrey Lugovoy.

Russian Investigative Committee’s Head Says Cryptocurrencies Are Threatening Country’s Financial Stability

In a major article on ‘hybrid war’ which he believes the US wages against Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, head of Russian Investigative Committee, claimed that cryptocurrencies may supersede real money from the market. 

Russian Companies to Be Amerced for Bitcoin Operations

Russian Ministry of Finance has developed amendments to the law”On the Central Bank”, which ban turnover and issuance of cryptocurrencies. The department has also prepared several amendments to the Administrative Violations Code, which impose stricter sanctions on businesses for issuance and turnover of cryptocurrencies.

Russian Ministry of Finance: Development for Blockchain, and Ban for Bitcoin

Interest towards blockchain in Russia continues growing, while bitcoin still faces the perspective of banning. Russian Ministry of Finance confirmed its intent to ban cryptocurrency in an exclusive comment to ForkLog.

Russia Blocks Bitcoin Sites Again

Yet another Russian Bitcoin internet resource was blocked a few hours ago. Bitnovosti.com has fallen another victim to Roskomnadzor. According to social media posts, the resource is unavailable in Russia.