Tor and Telegram Under Scrutiny: Will Russia Kill Anonymous Internet? Tor and Telegram Under Scrutiny: Will Russia Kill Anonymous Internet?

Roskomnadzor is closely studying anonymous and decentralized networks that enable bypassing the blocks imposed by the department. The ultimate goal of this study is to restrict access to such networks at the legislative level.

Pornolab Creates a Mirror in EmerCoin’s Decentralized Domain Zone

Pornolab, one of the biggest adult torrent trackers in post-Soviet states, has created a mirror to bypass the ban of the main domain.

A Brief History of Russian Internet Obscurantism in 2015

The year 2015 was marked as the year of expanding obscurantism and controversies around several internet-related issues in Russia. According to one of relatively new Russian laws, the state supervising agency Roskomnadzor has the right to restrict or prohibit access to any website at its own discretion and without any court rulings. The agency was […]

The Tale of Bitcoin Community and Big Bad Roskomnadzor

Special Read in Russian January 13th of 2015 has every right to bear the name of ‘black Tuesday’ in all history books of Bitcoin industry. That day, Bitcoin price dropped to $218, and comprised $166.45 the very next day. Russian Bitcoin community, however, suffered more than just Bitcoin price falling. Notorious Roskomnadzor blocked access to […]

Russian Court Discharges Blocking of Bitcoin-related Sites by Roskomnadzor

Sverdlovsk Oblast Court dischcharged the Nevyansk Town Court order of blocking sites containing cryptocurrency-related information and consideration of such information as banned within the Russian Federation, bits.media reports.