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Emin Gün Sirer Reveals Fundamentals of a Perfect Blockchain. PoW Mining Is Not Included Emin Gün Sirer Reveals Fundamentals of a Perfect Blockchain. PoW Mining Is Not Included

Emin Gün Sirer, associate professor of computer science at Cornell University and an early proponent of Bitcoin, is known as the creator of several important scaling solutions, including Bitcoin-NG.

Proof-of-Stake Future: Inevitability or Myth Proof-of-Stake Future: Inevitability or Myth

The debate about Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work being obsolete and downright harmful to the environment has been going on for a while. Alternative algorithms like Proof-of-Stake emerged aiming to solve the problems, but the solution to end the debate is yet to be found.

How to Mine Cryptocurrency: Beginner’s Guide

If you thought about starting to mine cryptocurrency but know only a little about it, you have come to the right place. In this feature, forklog.media will explain the basic terms of mining, show how it works, and help you understand whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

Opinion: PoW Will Always Be Criticized for Inefficiency

The war of consensus algorithms is still raging on. While some believe that only Proof-of-Work can underpin a real cryptocurrency, others think that its time passed long ago, and now it’s time for other algorithms like Proof-of-Stake.

VeriBlock’s Proof-of-Proof Protocol to be Launched on Mainnet

Developers of VeriBlock, a protocol aimed at delivering Bitcoin-level security to both new and established blockchain and cryptocurrency projects, announced the upcoming mainnet launch of the VeriBlock blockchain.

RSK Labs Says Smart Contracts and Masternodes to Bring More Value to Bitcoin

The bitcoin community is growing fast, and so does the scaling problem. As Bitfinex and Coinbase added support for Segregated Witness, bitcoin network capabilities remain limited – thousands of unconfirmed transactions are often stuck when there is a new flow of interested users.

Defiled Consensus: Waiting for a Digital Messiah

Some anthropologists believe consensus is a universal decision-making system inherent in primitive societies where people struggled for survival and inclined towards equal partnership.

Comparison between Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

Everyone who has looked at Bitcoin close enough probably understands that it’s a revolutionary achievement created by a legendary, forward thinking individual or group. Superficially, the revolutionary technology built within it has the ability to send money without any central authority, so you don’t need someone to issue your cash, it just exists – somewhat […]