John Mcafee’s Dick, Million Dollars, and Other Famous Bitcoin Price Promises Never Kept

The crypto-market has always been full of predictions but some people probably find it too boring and extend challenges that put their financial welfare or even bodies at risk. But are they willing to fulfill their promises?

Predictions by Hodl Hodl Are Now Available on Mainnet

Hodl Hodl, global non-custodial P2P Bitcoin exchange, has announced its new project Predictions by Hodl Hodl is finally available on mainnet.

Forklog Exclusive – Tim Draper on Privacy Coins and Why Bitcoin Will Reach $250,000

Last year, Silicon Valley billionaire venture capital investor and Bitcoin bull, Tim Draper made the headlines thanks to his bold prediction that by 2020 the flagship cryptocurrency will soar to $250,000. Today, despite the continuing bear market, Draper is doubling down on that forecast, even though he admits he is not sure how exactly Bitcoin […]

What Will The Future Hold for Bitcoin in 2017?

2016 has brought more drama in the world of cryptocurrencies: the rise and the fall of The DAO, Ethereum’s controversial hard fork and subsequent emergence of Ethereum Classic, and the attack on Bitfinex, among others. Certainly, all of us would like to know what’s on the table now.