Internet of People: Founder of Fermat Presents Project’s Perspective Of Peer-to-Peer Economy

ForkLog talked with Luis Molina, leader of initiative on creating a blockchain-based platform for p2p apps Fermat about the opportunities of creating decentralized services. The issues of existing internet centralization, end-to-end encryption of personal data and sharing economy emergence hit the headlines every now and then. Sharing economy principles found in Uber and Airbnb becomes […]

Emercoin Provided Details as to Their Blockchain Engine Platform

A few days ago, Emer Group has announced its own platform for app development dubbed Blockchain Engine. Its main distinction from other existing platforms is said to be in the fact that it provides readily operational services for e-businesses and network security. This could give Blockchain Engine an edge over some other projects, whose developers […]

Negative Interest Rate Advocates to Develop a Blockchain-Based Customer Rewarding System

A group of developers has announced they will launch a new blockchain-based system CRYPTonFly, which would distribute cryptocurrency dubbed CRON$ for various real-life activities. The system’s creators believe it will be popular with commercial organizations, which may use it to incentivize their customers to use their services.