Bitcoin Core Dev: Full Node Sybil Attack Problem Exists and Has No Perfect Solution

In our recent feature, we discussed the problem of full nodes in the Bitcoin network, and more likely, why running them may be expensive to a user but grants him or her no monetary reward.

Why Bitcoin Full Nodes Remain Unpaid

Full nodes are the backbone of the Bitcoin ecosystem. They verify transactions, but also maintain decentralization and users’ confidentiality. Yet, there is no direct monetary incentive for running a full node, which has its costs and risks. In this feature, we take a look at the existing non-monetary incentives to set up and run a […]

Next Bitcoin Core Release to Connect Hardware Wallets to Full Nodes

The next release of the Bitcoin Core code (v.0.18.0) will have an important new feature that many users have been waiting for. As reported by CoinDesk, it will allow users with hardware wallets to connect to full nodes.

Bitcoin Users Can Now Enjoy ForkLog’s Lightning Network Node

ForkLog is happy to announce that our own Lighting node is now live and running. The setup has been completed and the node can be found at ln.forklog.com.

BTCC Controversy: 100 Full Nodes Donated by the Exchange Appear to be Running on Amazon Web Services

Recently BTCC has launched 100 full nodes across five continents in order to maintain decentralized arrangement of the bitcoin system. Back then, the company explained this move by its wish to keep bitcoin away from any centralization. Samson Mow, COO at BTCC, stated that the company has launched the nodes in order to help the […]