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BTC-e: Crazy Story Of Financial Crime, Unshared Spoils, And Lies

The crypto-exchange BTC-e was operational between 2011 and 2017 but its history is still being made. The platform was involved in a major international money laundering scheme, but there’s much more to its story: hackers, insurgents, threats, and a whole load of Bitcoin.

Brock Pierce: There Will Be More Disasters in Crypto, But The Future Looks Bright Anyway

During the recent Unchain Convention in Berlin, ForkLog spoke to Brock Pierce, the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS Alliance, Block.one, Blockchain Capital, Mastercoin, and Tether. In the interview, he detailed his plans regarding the now defunct Mt. Gox exchange and shared the latest efforts within the EOS ecosystem.

Former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Faces a 10 Years Sentence In Alleged Embezzlement Case

Mark Karpeles, the former chief executive officer of now-defunct Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, faces ten years in jail over alleged embezzlement, Japanese media report on Wednesday, December 12.

Mt. Gox Bankruptcy Trustee Offloads $230 Million in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Nobuaki Kobayashi, the civil rehabilitation and bankruptcy trustee of the now defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has announced a set of measures aiming to secure the interests of bankruptcy creditors, including the sale of large amounts of cryptocurrency for fiat money.

Mt. Gox Opens Claims for Creditors

According to a press release posted on the infamous Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox website, an online claim filing system has been opened allowing its creditors to begin registering claims on the funds that they lost when the exchange became insolvent in 2014.

Could Mt Gox Repeat Be Real, or Why Bitcoin is Trading at Hefty Premium on Bitfinex

The past week or so has been quite remarkable considering significant price differences at various bitcoin exchanges. It is most noticeable in case of Bitfinex, where Bitcoin is still trading at significant premium. At times, the spread reached $110.

Kraken Announces Major Update in MtGox Claims Investigation

Global digital asset exchange Kraken shared major news from Tokyo’s court-appointed trustee in the investigation of claims from MtGox creditors.

MtGox Trustee States Creditor Repayment Has Made Significant Progress

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange assisting the trustee for MtGox collapse investigation, has released a statement on his behalf, noting that reviewing of claims from the defunct exchange’s customers has made a significant progress. MtGox halted operations in February 2014, when then-CEO Mark Karpeles stated the exchange had suffered from a hacker attack resulting in theft […]

Cryptsy Halts Trading Operations and Withdrawals

Digital currency exchange Cryptsy, which has been known for continuing problems with withdrawal of funds, has stated it suspended the exchange’s trade engine on January 5, 2016. Lots of the company’s customers have complained the exchange fails to provide proper withdrawal of their assets, if it provides any. Technical issues seem to be inherent in […]

Japan Prepares to Regulate Digital Currencies and Embrace the Blockchain

A dedicated working group at Japan’s Financial System Council is said to have prepared a draft proposal as to providing regulation framework for digital currency.