Moscow Firm Opens World’s First Crypto Addict Hotline

While dramatic price swings of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are rattling the nerves of investors, a Moscow-based company has launched a hotline to help ease their anxiety over crypto market fluctuations.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia 2016 as It Happened

Moscow hosted Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia on November 10, one of the biggest industry events in Eastern Europe.

A 24/7 Cryptobar to Open in Moscow

Moscow-based entrepreneur and bitcoin enthusiast Vladimir Shin has announced he intends to open the first cryptobar in Russia’s capital. The place is called Crypton and will be located in Paveletskaya Embankment. Shin hopes it would become a center of attraction for local bitcoin community.

Moscow’s Active Citizen Project to Implement Blockchain

Speaking at the meeting with the Russian president’s administration, Deputy Director of Moscow’s IT Department, Andrei Belozerov, stated that they were ready to implement blockchain technology in the project dubbed Active Citizen.

Moscow Blockchain Hackathon Winning Team Proves the Permacoin Algorithm

The team that developed infrastructure for modular blockchain systems dubbed Scorex and proved Permacoin algorithm won the blockchain hackathon in Moscow. The winning team consists of just two people, Alexander Chepurnoi, who developed NXT in 2014 and 2015, and currently develops Scorex, and M. Dmitri, who had recently found out about the blockchain technology. Apart […]

Russia’s First Blockchain Accelerator Opens in Moscow

This Wednesday was marked by the news on launch of Russia’s first blockchain accelerator, which also combines a fintech accelerator and a co-working space. The accelerator is a part of fintech accelerator FutureFintech. The accelerator’s founders haven’t pinned down the blockchain part’s name as yet, so everyone is welcome to offer their own version. The […]

Bitcoin Conquers Official Moscow

Special: Read in Russian Following the statement by the head of the Bank of Russia concerning establishment of a working party to study the block chain technology, Russian Bitcoin community gained a true hope for soon integration of cryptocurrency in the local economy.