Wassim Alsindi: Fiat Money Is an Experiment and Not Very Long-Lived One

Among different kinds of money, only certain ones succeed. Although, it isn’t always the good money that succeeds. This held true for early economic relationships that appeared when barter became insufficient, this holds true for the traditional finance, and this is apparently true for the new kinds of money like cryptocurrencies.

No Cash, No Pain: What if You Woke Up to No Paper Money?

In an paperless money environment, people would find several ways to thrive

No Wallets and No Internet: the Fully Anonymous Cash of Tomorrow

Why cash is better than debt wealth? Сash is the actual money, i.e. common liquid commodity, not a promise to provide such commodity. Cashless money is promissory notes cleared by cash.

Labor as Value: Classic and Contemporary Labor Money

The history of labor cost theory is very ancient. People have long ago concluded that any product requires some time and work long ago. And, the more labor and time the product creation takes, the more valuable it is, and the higher is its cost.

Currency Notes of Bitcoin: Today and Tomorrow

The Nature of Currency Notes In the course of money functioning, regardless of the commodity acting as a common equivalent, its notes sporadically emerge in the form of monetary liabilities and bonds. A monetary liability is a security establishing its issuer’s liability to exchange the note for a predetermined amount of money (those are commercial […]