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BTC-e: Crazy Story Of Financial Crime, Unshared Spoils, And Lies

The crypto-exchange BTC-e was operational between 2011 and 2017 but its history is still being made. The platform was involved in a major international money laundering scheme, but there’s much more to its story: hackers, insurgents, threats, and a whole load of Bitcoin.

ePayments Blocking: Facts and Conclusions

On February 11th, the UK’s FCA has blocked the operation of ePayments due to the company’s failure to comply with AML requirements. Pursuant to the regulator’s request, ePayments froze nearly a million customer accounts. 

Europol and Interpol Join Forces to Fight Bitcoin Money Laundering

EU authorities announced plans to create a working group at Europol to deal with digital currency laundering operations.

Belgium Wants to Confront Use of Bitcoin for Money Laundering

The government of Belgium has tasked the country’s tax authorities to investigate possible fraud and money-laundering schemes involving bitcoin.