How Miners Brace Themselves For Halving, and How It Can Impact Bitcoin

Halving is probably the most anticipated event of 2020 in the crypto-industry. It is a scheduled decrease in block reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC. Since the transaction fees comprise a small fraction of miners’ income, they will basically have half of the money cut out.

How to Mine Cryptocurrency: Beginner’s Guide

If you thought about starting to mine cryptocurrency but know only a little about it, you have come to the right place. In this feature, forklog.media will explain the basic terms of mining, show how it works, and help you understand whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

Opinion: PoW Will Always Be Criticized for Inefficiency

The war of consensus algorithms is still raging on. While some believe that only Proof-of-Work can underpin a real cryptocurrency, others think that its time passed long ago, and now it’s time for other algorithms like Proof-of-Stake.

Bitmain’s New Antminer 17 Series Bitcoin Miners Go on Sale

Bitmain Technologies, the world’s largest Bitcoin miner manufacturer, has officially launched sales for its new Antminer 17 series machines on Tuesday, April 9.

China Considers Ban on Bitcoin Mining – Report

China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), a central government agency in charge of formulating macroeconomic policies, has labeled cryptocurrency mining as an “undesirable” industry, recommending local governments to eliminate the sector in the country.

After Postponing Its IPO Listing, Bitmain Could Launch New 7nm Chip Miners

Despite calling off plans to go with its IPO application at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the beleaguered mining giant Bitmain Technologies is reportedly looking forward to the Bitcoin halving in May 2020. The company hopes it will boost the sales of its new 7nm chip miners planned to launch by the end of this […]

Operational Adjustment – Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Confirms Staff Layoff

Chinese crypto mining giant Bitmain confirmed the restructuring of the company in order to “build a long-term, sustainable and scalable business.”

GMO Internet Quits Bitcoin Miner Production After Recording Extraordinary Losses

Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is quitting the Bitcoin mining hardware sector citing “extraordinary loss” in Q4 this year, Cointelegraph reported on Tuesday, December 25.

Mining Difficulty Records Second-Largest Drop in History as Bitcoin Price Hovers Below $4,000

The price of Bitcoin dropped below the $3,800 level on several exchanges on Monday, December 3, while the general pessimistic sentiment on the market reflected in declining Bitcoin’s network difficulty, which earlier today fell by more than 15 percent following the regular adjustment.

Canadian ASIC Chip Designer Squire Mining to Purchase CoinGeek for $45 Million

Vancouver-based Squire Mining is reportedly set to purchase CoinGeek, a crypto news publication and mining pool operator, for $45.3 million. As reported by Finance Magnates, the deal will make Squire Mining the world’s “largest, publicly traded Bitcoin miner.”

ForkLog Exclusive: Slush Pool Breaks Down Bitcoin Mining Ins and Outs, Market Slump Consequences for Miners

Slush Pool is one of those names in Bitcoin industry which, as it might seem, has been around forever. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, it was launched back in 2010 and not only was the very first mining pool in existence, but also paved the way for plethora of other pools, essentially laying the foundation […]

Crypto Mining Definition Removed From Russian Digital Currency Regulation Draft Bill

The proposed law on digital assets in Russia will fail to clarify tax issues for miners after the lawmakers have removed the definition of crypto mining from the draft bill on digital currency regulation.