Waves Platform Added to Microsoft Azure

Waves team has announced that their decentralized crowdfunding platform Waves Platform is now hosted in Microsoft Azure’s BaaS cloud.

Microsoft Hopes For Wider Adoption Of Blockchain With Project Bletchley

A few days ago, Microsoft has announced the launch of its Azure-based project Bletchley enabling those interested to use so-called blockchain fabric to create their own blockchain systems of any complexity. The release could catapult Microsoft to a different level of blockchain technology acquisition. WHAT IS BLETCHLEY Marley Gray, Microsoft’s Director for BizDev & Strategy, Cloud […]

Blockchain Kyiv: Microsoft Official On Blockchain Apps In Consumption Economics

One of the speakers at recent Blockchain Conference Kyiv was Mikhail Shmelyov, director for technological policy at Microsoft Ukraine. He spoke about changes in software applications, and blockchain’s place in consumption economics.

Will Microsoft Become a New Point Of Attraction For Blockchain Startups

In late 2014, Microsoft announced its plans to integrate bitcoin into payments systems of Windows and Xbox out of the blue. The move immediately influenced the cryptocurrency’s price, which back then was steadily growing. However, earlier this week there were several reports suggesting the corporation had rejected the appealing idea of embracing cryptocurrencies.

Microsoft Joins Forces with Ripple Labs

In October, Microsoft has announced its intent to include a blockchain platform in its Azure cloud service with Ethereum. Now it became known that the corporation cooperates with Ripple in further development of its BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) toolkit.

The Way IoT and Blockchain Change the World

The Internet of things has long ago ceased being a mere concept; nowadays, it is an interesting and promising technological trend that gradually comes to life. The IoT concept was introduced for the first time in 1999, and it took roughly 10 years to commence implementation thereof. We are not going to provide a technical […]

Microsoft to Help Ukrainian Start-ups with the Internet of Things

Microsoft’s Ukrainian subdivision made local startups’ day with good news. It provided them with a unique opportunity to come into their own in projects related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Microsoft Integrates Ethereum in Azure. Is IBM Next?

Ethereum went up in price following the news stating that Microsoft had presented developer toolkit for creation of Ethereum-based apps. At the moment of writing, 1 ETH costs $1.2.