Lightning Network Team to Hold a Meetup in Kyiv

On May 12, Kyiv will host a meetup featuring Lightning Network’s team, which will visit Ukraine’s capital at full strength. Joseph Poon, Elisabeth Stark and Thaddeus Dryja will speak about how Lightning Network operates, what changes have been made to bitcoin’s core, what are other changes to be expected, and how it all may change […]

CryptoRuthenia Proclaimed at First Ever Bitcoin Meetup in Belarus

21 April 2016 became an important day for Belarus. At the instigation of Valery Litvin, one of Cyber.Fund’s developers and bitcoin enthusiast, the country’s first-ever Bitcoin & Blockchain Meetup Minsk was held. The event saw in excess of 100 attendees with only 60 reserved seats, which had confirmed the issue was of importance for residents […]

Belarus to Host the Country’s First-Ever Meetup on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The first meetup on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in Belarus’s history will be held in the country’s capital of Minsk on April 21, 2016. The participants will meet to discuss the most burning issues of the industry along with the most interesting projects. The event will also provide them with an opportunity to get to […]