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Blockstream’s Christian Decker: It's Really Hard to Inject Usefulness Into Proof-Of-Work Blockstream’s Christian Decker: It’s Really Hard to Inject Usefulness Into Proof-Of-Work

Lightning Network, a second layer payment protocol, can mean a lot to Bitcoin and other blockchain-based systems. It is hailed as a solution to scalability problems and a way to make crypto payments ubiquitous, but the tech isn’t quite mature enough to handle all that.

Samson Mow: Bitcoin Is a Way to Prevent an Orwellian Future

There are certain polarizing topics in the cryptocurrency community: which of Bitcoin forks is the true Bitcoin, what consensus algorithms are really viable, what coins will dominate the markets of the future. 

Lightning Network and Mass Adoption: What’s Missing?

Mass adoption is the mantra of every Bitcoin trader and the holy grail of most Bitcoin evangelists. And Lightning Network (LN) was one huge milestone on the roadmap of mass adoption.

What Is Atomic Swap?

1 What is an atomic swap? An atomic swap is an operation of trading one cryptocurrency for another instantly without a third party, such as an exchange. As a result, the deal is controlled only by the parties involved. Atomic swaps can be conducted either on-chain (i.e. directly between blockchains of two different cryptocurrencies) or […]

Blockstream’s Christian Decker On Latest Lightning Network Developments And What Bitcoin Could Be Like In Future

Christian Decker is one of the true Bitcoin veterans and the first person in the world to get a Bitcoin related PhD. Today the Switzerland-born engineer is one of the leading developers at Blockstream working on Lightning Network specifications and C-Lightning implementation. In an exclusive interview with ForkLog, Christian Decker tells how he came to […]

Blockstream’s Lightning Network Upgrade Featuring Plugin Functionality Released

Blockstream’s engineering team has announced the release of v0.7 c-lightning, the company’s implementation of Lightning Network protocol.

Bitcoin Users Can Now Enjoy ForkLog’s Lightning Network Node

ForkLog is happy to announce that our own Lighting node is now live and running. The setup has been completed and the node can be found at ln.forklog.com.

New Bundle of Lightning Network Business Products Released by Bitfury

Blockchain technology firm Bitfury has announced the release of a comprehensive suite of products designed to make the use of Lightning Network easier for vendors and consumers.

Bitcoin Transaction Volume in 2018 Exceeds $410 Billion

According to data provided by Blockchain. com, over $410 billion was transacted in Bitcoin (BTC) in 2018, averaging over $13,000 per second.

Sky Is No Limit – Blockstream Bitcoin Satellite Service Boosted With Lightning Network Payments

Blockchain technology firm Blockstream has expanded its Bitcoin satellite service to the Asia-Pacific region. The company also added support for Lightning Network transactions, which will allow users to pay for its service using the second layer scaling solution as soon as in January 2019.

Lightning Network Isn’t The Ultimate Solution to Bitcoin Scaling Issues Says Bitrefill CEO Sergej Kotliar

Bitrefill was one of the first companies to embrace Lightning Network for its mobile phone top-up service, however, as CEO Sergej Kotliar admits, the technology has its own tradeoffs and shouldn’t be considered “the entire solution of all the scaling problems forever.”

Bitrefill CEO Sergej Kotliar: Bitcoin’s Future is Very Bright

Sweden-based bitcoin startup Bitrefill focused on topping up mobile phone accounts and selling gift cards has garnered some attention from the community in the recent months after implementing some innovative solutions.