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What to Expect From Blockchain Industry in 2020: A Researchers’ Take

For many crypto investors and rookie traders, 2019 was a year of much despair and uncertainty. The year started with a sharp drop in Bitcoin’s price, followed by a lengthy period of stagnation. The ICO fever, the once sacred cow of crypto, has all but died down. Several new blockchain projects popped up but ultimately […]

Crypto-Exchange Founder: More Institutional Players Will Come to the Industry But Not Overnight

Some people in the crypto-community expect mass adoption to come with big players from traditional markets. Some see it coming along the growing set of real use cases for crypto, certain regulatory initiatives, or particularly ambitious projects.

Opinions That Nearly Killed Facebook’s Libra

Libra made a lot of news over the last year. Surely, an arguably promising project developed and promoted by none other than Facebook was guaranteed to draw attention. Apparently, it was also a serious threat to the existing monetary system, so the project faced fierce opposition from regulators around the world.

Gordon Einstein: The Fact That Libra Stalled Reemphasizes Why Bitcoin’s Autonomy Is so Important

In retrospect, Libra was the hype of 2019. Facebook, global payment processing, cryptocurrency all mushed together in a reptilian power fantasy. “What could have gone wrong?” we ask ourselves as we watch Vodaphone coyly quit the Libra Association, becoming the eighth company to pull out of the project.