Republic of Liberland Considers Using eGaaS Platform in Its Governance System

Self-proclaimed Republic of Liberland is negotiating possible transfer of the governance system to blockchain platform eGaaS (Electronic Government as a Service).

Where and How to Establish Your Own Nation with Blockchain and Cryptoanarchists

International laws have been featuring a term dubbed ‘terra nullius’ for hundreds of years. Even with the minimal level of Latin acquisition one is totally capable of understanding what it means: nobody’s land. Back in colonial times, the term was as popular as YouTube nowadays. There was no better thing in the world for conquerors […]

Bitnation Partners with Liberland

Bitnation, decentralized platform for virtual nations and provision of traditional public services to its citizens regardless of their place of residence, has announced its partnership with self-proclaimed micronation Liberland.

Bitcoin to Become National Currency in the New State of Liberland

In between Serbia and Croatia, on an area of about 6 sq.km, a brand new country named Free Republic of Liberland (Svobodn republika Liberland) has emerged. The new state will adopt Bitcoin, or another Bitcoin-based currency, as its national currency.