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Kaspersky Lab: Cryptocurrencies To Be Increasingly Targeted By Hackers in 2017

According to analysts at Kaspersky Labs, cryptocurrencies may join banks, stock exchanges and investment funds in the list of possible targets for hackers in 2017.

Eugene Kaspersky: The World Is Not Ready for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Yet

Eugene Kaspersky, the head of Kaspersky Lab, believes that even if cryptocurrencies get widely accepted, it is unlikely to happen earlier than “in five hundred years,” and only in the form of some analogs of what we know today.

Eugene Kaspersky: Cryptocurrency is a Most Brilliant Invention

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of the Kaspersky Labs, called cryptocurrency the mankind’s most brilliant invention, however, he opted to stress that in geopolitical terms the world community is not ready to use it as yet.