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Hacker’s Loophole: Vulnerabilities That Cause Bitcoin Exchanges to Lose Millions

According to a May study by The Block, 42 large cryptocurrency exchanges have been compromised since 2012, not taking smaller platforms into account. The total amount of stolen funds exceeded $1.35 billion, with about 59% of these funds (795.5 million) being stolen in 2018.

Very evil hacker but bigger Hackanatomy: Who Hacks Digital Systems and Why

Lots of people tend to think that hackers are criminals seeking to steal your money or personal data. Just like all stereotypes, however, this is only partially true at best.

Ledger’s Charles Guillemet on Trezor/HTC Vulnerabilities and How to Hide in a Victim’s Closet While Hacking Ledger

«When I found out about Bitcoin for the first time in 2011, I thought it was no use, despite interesting technology. My friend, a huge geek, had been already mining it at the time and convinced me to try. I abandoned this idea right after turning Bitcoin software on, because my computer was too loaded. […]

Ukrainian Hackers Stole $50 Million in Bitcoins Using ‘Poison’ Google Ads

A Ukrainian hacker group dubbed Coinhoarder has stolen more than $50 million in cryptocurrency from users of Blockchain.info, one of the most popular providers of digital currency wallets, according to a report published Wednesday by Cisco’s Talos cybersecurity team.

Kaspersky Lab: Cryptocurrencies To Be Increasingly Targeted By Hackers in 2017

According to analysts at Kaspersky Labs, cryptocurrencies may join banks, stock exchanges and investment funds in the list of possible targets for hackers in 2017.

Russian Hacker Detained in Czech Republic May Be Linked with BitMarket Hack

According to Tal Be’ery, Microsoft Security Research Manager, Yevgeniy Nikulin, a Russian hacker detained in the Czech Republic earlier this month, may be linked to BitMarket bitcoin exchange hack back in 2013.

Bitfinex Publishes Reimbursement Plans: 36% Haircut and Outstanding Tokens

August 7, Bitfinex website posted a message stating that the service will be back online soon. In two days’ time, the website will run in a restricted mode, thus enabling the customers to check their accounts.

Alleged Bitfinex Hacker Announces a Draw of 1,000 BTC

An anonymous Reddit user known by the nickname of rekcahxfb has provided the community an opportunity to win a Bitcoin fortune in a discussion on /r/Bitcoin. 1000 BTC Giveaway! From your friend rekcahxfb from Bitcoin The Jackpot amount comprises 1,000 BTC, which is worth nearly $582,000 at the time of writing. Anyone may participate just […]

Bitfinex Plans to Distribute the Hack Losses between the Customers

Hong Kong-based exchange Bitfinex has stated that the losses incurred due to the recent hack may affect all of its users, including those whose wallets were not hacked in the first place.

Bitfinex Publishes a Plan for the Exchange’s Revival

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex plans to gradually recover access for users in the wake of a hack and theft of 120k BTC.

Bitfinex Halts Operations Due to Security Issues: $65 Million Stolen

Popular crypto-exchange Bitfinex has announced on Tuesday, August 2 that it halts all operations as a critical security issue has been discovered.

Ethereum Soft Fork Under Threat of DDoS Attacks

The situation around the attempts to bring back the lost assets of The DAO is gradually gaining farcical shades. This time, the soft fork proposed by Ethereum developers may never occur because yet another vulnerability has been discovered. The soft fork in question is aimed at blocking target DAO address, so that the organization will […]