Bitcoin Investors Are Turning to Gold, Says CEO of Van Eck

Jan Van Eck, CEO of Van Eck Associates, suggested that investors are now turning their attention to gold, leaving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies behind.

Former Soviet Republic Kyrgyzstan to Issue National Cryptocurrency Backed with Gold

The government of the former Soviet republic Kyrgyzstan intends to issue a national cryptocurrency backed with gold.

Trustless Banknotes: A Neoclassical Solution for Blocksize Debate

Bitcoin’s blocksize debate is about the technical contradiction between the speed of transactions and the network’s centralization. One of the parties, which we may conventionally dub “entrepreneurs”, is interested in the network’s scaling, while the other party, the so called “idealists”, is resisting further centralization. Each of these parties has its arguments, but is there […]

Why Bitcoin Isn’t Gold 2.0

Bitcoin advocates like Erik Voorhees compare it to gold. They emphasize that in terms of technological criteria like uniformity, severability, unit cost, longevity, and transportability Bitcoin actually excels gold.