#Gavin Andresen

Is the Hunting of Satoshi Over?

Even if this week block size debate had been settled, Kraken had acquired Visa, and Mike Hearn had proposed to Gavin Andresen, those news would have faded into oblivion next to the one concerning seemingly incontestable evidence of what earlier seemed merely impossible – true identity of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Digital Currency Group Partners with Western Union and Former U.S. Treasury Secretary

One of bitcoin industry’s leading investment companies Digital Currency Group has announced it raised funds from Western Union, and simultaneously announced it hired Larry Summers, former U.S. Treasury Secretary, and bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen as advisors.

The Satoshi Roundtable: Is There a Consensus?

Last weekend, the second international conference Satoshi Roundtable featuring the industry’s stakeholders was held to discuss the issues of network scalability and community development. The event held at a secret venue, allegedly somewhere in Florida, US, featured around 75 attendees representing almost any prominent company and startup, alongside with leading developers. While block size debate […]

Gavin Andresen Withdraws BIP 101

Gavin Andresen, Bitcoin Core developer, announced he dismissed his BIP 101 proposal. The proposal was the basis for Bitcoin XT protocol. BIP 101 was developed in summer 2015 by Andresen and recently departed Mike Hearn. Their solution, however, was widely criticized due to its aggressive block size increase to 8 MB as of 2016 with […]

Bitcoin Classic Released

The first version of Bitcoin Classic fork, which implies twofold increase of block size, from current 1 MB to 2 MB, is released. The initial code of Bitcoin Classic 0.11.2 was posted on Github by Bitcoin developer, Gavin Andresen, on February 9. The version is numbered 0.11.2, however, this only means it’s compatible with Bitcoin […]

Updated BIP 102 Gets Some Community Support, Now it’s Miners’ Turn

Gavin Andresen posted a new block size-related BIP proposal on Guthub. Though officially the so-called “bip-bump2mb.mediawiki” is a variation on a theme commonly known as BIP 102, and implies a 2 MB block size increase, some community members believe it technically is an almost precise copy of Bitcoin Classic. The proposal’s consensus threshold is set […]