Xether Launches Transparent Gambling Ecosystem on Smart Contracts

Gambling project Xether has announced the launch of an eponymous gambling ecosystem enabling one to play for ETH without signing up while obtaining steady income.

BitcoinPenguin: More Gamblers Jump to Bitcoin Every Day

While casino business is a well-established industry, yet nowadays many governments restrict their citizens’ right to gamble and impose harsh regulations on casinos and all kinds of betting. Some countries even prohibit gambling completely. As the internet was expanding, the online casinos started to rise. However, the traditional online gambling had (and still has) some […]

How could blockchain be a gameboard

Bitcoin based games are hardly any news in our day. A big portion of these games are just online casinos that use cryptocurrencies as their underlying payment method. Others are MMORPG typed games which based their internal economics on Bitcoin. Last but not least, there’s a plethora of classical skill games one can play for […]

Bitcoin casino Satoshibet.com — pioneer in the gambling industry

Special: Read in Russian ForkLog carries on reviewing popular Bitcoin casinos, and now it’s time for crypto casino Satoshibet.com where one may find a vast variety of games including European roulette and card-stretch lottery.