Occupy the Internet: Our New Section to Kickstart a Discussion on Decentralized Web Occupy the Internet: Our New Section to Kickstart a Discussion on Decentralized Web

Imagine a society where social, political or cultural discussion almost entirely happens in digital space. Imagine that the digital space where this conversation is happening is absolutely dominated and controlled by several private companies with arbitrary non-transparent policies and no accountability before the general public. Imagine that these companies can abuse their power with impunity, […]

Push Back Against Google’s Attacks on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies #ForkGoogle: Community Initiative Against Google’s Pressure on Bitcoin

Recent strikes against cryptocurrency-themed YouTubers and several actions on the part of Google to take down cryptocurrency-related apps from the Google Play store urged some crypto-community members to take some action.

Warning: Scammers Use ForkLog and CoinDesk Brands to Trick Users Out of Their Money

Disclaimer: ForkLog is not engaged in any exchange services and does not provide any trading consultations. The list of ForkLog’s social media is available on the official website. Scammers name-steal ForkLog’s brand to deceive our readers and trick users out of their money. They do not only mislead regular users but even top managers of […]

ForkLog and Coingecko ForkLog and Analytic Service Coingecko Announce Partnership

Analytic service Coingecko, which has around 8 million visits a month, and online publication ForkLog have concluded a memorandum of understanding and cooperation “seeking to boost the development of the international digital currency and blockchain markets.”

Bitcoin Users Can Now Enjoy ForkLog’s Lightning Network Node

ForkLog is happy to announce that our own Lighting node is now live and running. The setup has been completed and the node can be found at ln.forklog.com.

Scare​​ Tactics ​​and​​ Unlawful​​ Seizure: ​​Ukraine’s Security Service Cracks ​​Down ​​on Popular ​​Crypto ​​Media

At 8 a.m., December 15, agents of Ukraine’s Security Service (SSU) along with two civilian witnesses to the search entered Anatoly Kaplan’s, founder and CEO of ForkLog online magazine, rented apartment in Odessa and conducted a search of the premises.