Six Best Performing Altcoins of 2016

Bitcoin’s December rally caused some hype both in the cryptocommunity and in mainstream media, even though the latter has earlier repeatedly predicted its imminent death. The explanation is obvious: price increase upwards of 100 percent over 12 months is something any investor dreams of.

Open Bazaar Release, Ripple Alliances and Factom Upsurge. Cryptospace News for February 29 – March 5

Falling of bitcoin, rise of Ethereum, continuation of the block size debate, and events fintech industry and blockchain development have shaped this week for crypto-space. Bitcoin Price While Bitcoin was worth nearly $430 last week, seven days later its price reached $440 at a brief moment, but then came dangerously close to $400. Notably, the […]

Blockchain for Infrastructure: Two More Countries To Employ The Tech

This week, two different blockchain projects, Stellar and Factom, have announced their partnerships aiming at modernization of infrastructure in different countries with the opportunities inherent in the blockchain technology. While Factom works with technology consulting company iSoftStone on development of so-called ‘smart city’ strategy for several Chinese towns with the Chinese government as an end […]