Europol and Interpol Join Forces to Fight Bitcoin Money Laundering

EU authorities announced plans to create a working group at Europol to deal with digital currency laundering operations.

Blockchain Antifraud Startup Chainalysis Partners Europol After Raising $1.6M

A New-York based startup Chainalysis engaged in AML and fraud countering projects, has announced its forthcoming partnership with Europol, the EU’s top law enforcement agency, Reuters reported. The agreement between the two parties was concluded Thursday, February 18, 2016. Currently, it is a memorandum of understanding. “This new collaboration is an important next step in […]

Europol Finds No Evidence Linking Bitcoin to Islamic State

According to a recent report by Europol, the EU top law enforcement agency, there is no evidence to back allegations concerning possible usage of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by the Islamic State terrorists to fund their activities. “There is no evidence however of IS-financing networks in existence. Despite third party reporting suggesting the use of […]

Europol Arrests an Alleged DD4BC Member

Europol, the European Union’s top police agency, announced that it has arrested and detained two alleged members of DD4BC, a notorious DDoS-attack group. The attackers are known for threatening and effecting DDoS attacks on various bitcoin-related services and mining pools. The group extorts bitcoins for ceasing an attack.