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Germany Calls On EU Countries to Impose Cyber Sanctions On Russian Hackers Germany Calls On EU Countries to Impose Cyber Sanctions On Russian Hackers

The German government has urged the European Union to sanction Russian citizens responsible for the largest cyber-attack ever against the Bundestag, which was carried out in 2015. If so, the move will mark the first real use case of the so-called “EU Cyber Diplomacy Toolbox” introduced in 2017 and designed to respond to malicious cyber […]

European Securities and Markets Authority Injects €1M Into Crypto Assets Monitoring

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) has budgeted over €1 million to monitor financial innovation including cryptocurrencies.

Lack of Transparency Among Reasons for Possible Tightening of Cryptocurrency Regulations in EU

Finance ministers from the European Union’s 28 member states will hold an informal meeting on the challenges posed by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and the possibility of tightening regulations, Bloomberg reported August 29.

European Securities and Markets Authority Says New Blockchain Regulations Would Be ‘Premature’

No specific European Union rules are needed to regulate blockchain for the time being given the sector’s still limited reach, the bloc’s securities watchdog said on Tuesday.

Europol and Interpol Join Forces to Fight Bitcoin Money Laundering

EU authorities announced plans to create a working group at Europol to deal with digital currency laundering operations.

EU starts the €1 Million Blockchain Task Force

According to European Parliament budget amendments, the draft amendment was tabled by MEP Jakob von Weizsäcker of Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. He claims that effectuation will cost €1 million. 

European Parliament Comittee Sees No Need in Direct Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

The European Parliament’s Committee for Economic and Monetary Affairs has approved a report on cryptocurrency regulation approaches in a majority vote. In the committee’s opinion, the EU should restrict itself from direct regulation of bitcoin and other virtual currencies, and adhere to a ‘softer’ approach to regulation of blockchain-based financial services. The report released this […]

Bitstamp Licensed in Europe

Bitcoin exchange Bitstamp has officially confirmed it signed an agreement with the government of Luxembourg, which would enable it to launch regulated and licensed services throughout all 28 nations of the European Union. The permission is effective as of July 1, when Bitstamp officially starts operating in Luxembourg. The exchange’s statement on their website reads: […]

The European Union May Prohibit Cryptocurrency Transactions from Some Countries

According to the vice commissioner of the European Council Valdis Dombrovskis, the regulations may incorporate prohibition of transactions from so-called “high-risk countries”. Speaking at a press conference in Brussels on Saturday, February 13, Dombrovskis stated: “By June at the latest we will propose measures to […] have better control of payment forms such as virtual […]

The European Union to Tighten Control over Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The European Commission, the executive body of the EU, announced its plans to tighten accountability requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges and bitcoin wallet providers. The measure is a part of the EU’s extended efforts to combat financing of terrorist groups. In particular, the European officials intend to oblige EU-based wallets and exchanges to have all of […]

The EU Intends to Monitor Virtual Currencies Rather than to Regulate Them

According to Reuters, the EU intends to continue monitoring virtual currencies rather than regulating them right away. The intent is said to be justified by little knowledge of virtual money’s regulatory risks deemed inherent, like being prone to money-laundering. The other reason is that cryptocurrency market in general is incomparably smaller than that of fiat […]

The French Members of the European Parliament Seek to Ban Bitcoin Activities

The motion tabled on November 25 by three European Parliament members representing a French right-wing party seeks to grant the right to the EU member states “to exercise stricter controls over all virtual currency exchange transactions and even to prohibit them”.