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Why Is Ethereum Classic Rallying: Fluke or Trend?

Ethereum Classic price has been surging ever since the Agartha hard fork in mid-January. Starting at $5 before the hard fork, today the price has reached $12, seemingly continuing the upward trend. This led to an increased mining activity within the network, and the hash rate breaking all-time records with 20 TH. What’s happening with […]

Ethereum Classic Developers Hope to Get a Full Picture of a Potential 51% Attack Soon

Ethereum Classic’s (ETC) development team admitted a malicious attack on the network had taken place and hopes the full extent of the incident will be known rather soon than later.

World’s Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool Launches Ethereum and Ethereum Classic Operation

BTC.com, the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool, has announced it is expanding its offerings to include Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC).

Coinbase Pro Launches Ethereum Classic Support

Coinbase Pro announced on Tuesday, August 7, the launch of Ethereum Classic (ETC) on the platform.

Coinbase to Add Support for Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Coinbase announced on Tuesday morning in a blog post that it is now starting the engineering work to integrate Ethereum Classic with its services. A further date for formally launching the trading of ETC on Coinbase will be announced on Sept. 5, the company said.

Fighting for Decentralization: Interview With Ethereum Classic Coordinator

It’s been almost six months since the fateful Ethereum hardfork that followed notorious The DAO attack. The turmoil around the fork has subsided since then, so now it’s high time to calmly assess the situation and take a closer look at Ethereum Classic.

Kir Kelevra: Decentralized Centralization Is Coming

A short while ago, ForkLog conducted an own investigation of affairs around Ethereum Classic, mostly inspired by customer claims against exchanges. This time, we publish a translation of a private opinion of crypto-traders and bitcoin enthusiast Kir Kelevra as to Ethereum Classic and other processes that have shaken the industry over the recent months.

The Dark Side of ETC: Where Did the Coins Go?

The community is discussing the possibility that three popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Exmo, Livecoin and BTC-e, have pocketed customer ETC coins.

Troubled Waters for Coinbase: Increasing Fees, Neglection of ETC, and Rumors about Insolvency

As probably everyone knows now, Coinbase intends to quadruple its fees effective as of August 5 this year. Having failed to provide any explanation for such abrupt upsurge of charges, the exchange now faces yet another string of critical statements from across the community.

Bitcoin Plunged Below $600

Bitcoin price has been moving downwards for two weeks already. On Tuesday, August 2, it plunged down to $595 for a short while. However, at press time bitcoin price has already rebounded to 602.51 USD.

Another Major Chinese Exchange Supports Ethereum Classic

China’s biggest ETH exchange CHBTC has announced it launches Ethereum Classic trades, Twitter account cnLedger reported.

Russian Ambitions, Ethereum Classic Ascending, and The Dark Side of Bitcoin. Cryptospace News, July 25 – 31

Bitcoin price going down once again, Ethereum Classic media bomb exploding, GreenAddress purchased by BlockStream, yet another news from Coinbase, and somewhat optimistic statements heard from Russia’s technological market – all in ForkLog’s weekly overview.