Why Estonia’s E-Government Matters? Tech Advisor’s Perspective

Recently, we were looking into Estonia’s digitization case and the borderless ecosystem they’ve managed to build. Now there’s more to follow up.

E as in Estonia: EU’s Digitalization Spearhead With Debatable Blockchain Capabilities

For an outsider, the stories about the digital age Estonians live in are fascinating. The country is widely considered to harbor the world’s most digitized society, most technology-enabled government, and first-ever blockchain system serving a state government.

Estonia May Launch the World’s First Government ICO

Over the last two-and-a-half years, Estonia has offered so-called e-Residency to foreign entrepreneurs who want to virtually site their businesses in the country. The program gives people an Estonian government-backed digital ID, the ability to simply register an EU company, access to business banking and payments services, and tools with which to digitally sign documents.

Blockchain and Bitcoin in Estonia: How the Industry Is Shaping the Country’s Future

At the start of the 21st century, Estonia, a country with 1.3 million population, and with its labor pool having one foot out of the door, has launched a major project for general digitalization. Fifteen years later, the country’s infrastructure was ready to take the world’s first govtech blockchain-based projects out for a spin, and […]

Bitcoin and Blockchain in Estonia: Between Two Banks

ForkLog continues exploring cryptocurrency worlds of different countries. Earlier we took a close look at bitcoin’s stance in Bulgaria and Finland. Today we decided to explore one of the Baltic states, Estonia. There are not too many news concerning blockchain and cryptocurrencies coming from Estonia; however, the country has its own bitcoin community as well […]

Estonian Nasdaq to Adopt Shareholders Voting on Blockchain

As reported by Baltic Course, Nasdaq will cooperate with the Estonian e-residency platform to maintain e-voting service for companies listed on Nasdaq’s Tallin stock exchange. The service will allow the shareholders to vote on various issues without being actually present. Estonian e-residency program allows foreign residents to obtain virtual residency of Estonia to run their […]

Estonian Bitcoin Trial Reviewed by the State Court

The cryptocurrency trial in Estonia, or so-called “bitcoin case” was reviewed in open court hearing. A Netherlands enrepreneur, Otto de Voogd, faces trial for running a cryptocurrency exchange. Possible punishment for his activities may place him in jail or cause him to pay enormous penalty fee. Open hearing is an uncommon practice for a superior […]

Estonia Seeks Cryptocurrency Clarification

The Supreme Court of Estonia has made a request addressed to local central bank, two government departments, the Bank of Estonia, and the country’s financial regulator, to clarify their views on legal stance of digital currencies in regard to AML policies and general essence of cryptocurrency and the underpinning technology thereof.

Estonia Makes a Blockchain Breakthrough in Cooperation with Bitnation

Bitnation, which calls itself ‘the world’s first Blockchain powered virtual nation’, announced on its site Bitnation.co that as of December 1, 2015 it will launch a program offering notary services to its online residents. The program is supported by the Estonian e-Residency program.