Business & Technology University in Tbilisi to Issue Blockchain Verifiable Diplomas

Blockchain continues to move beyond fintech and empowers other industries with the secure and transparent stack. A collaboration between Emercoin and Business & Technology University in Tbilisi, Georgia (BTU), provided education sector with verifiable diplomas and other certificates on an encrypted and secure app. Now all competencies of graduates will be crystal-clear verified. BTU is […]

Emercoin Adds Support for Segregated Witness, New Wallet Released

Emercoin blockchain developers have released 16 updates including support of Segregated Witness (SegWit) protocol. Also a new Emercoin wallet version has been released to match the new rules of the blockchain and dSDKs.

Emercoin Deploys First Blockchain-Based VoIP Application

Emercoin announced that ENUMER, its free blockchain-based VoIP (voice over IP) system, now is a consistent stand-alone service that is being adopted by other companies.

Bitfury and First Block Capital Make Strategic Investment In Emercoin

The Bitfury Group and First Block Capital announced they have invested in Emercoin and will support the provider of blockchain solutions and services for customers around the world.

Emercoin Develops Web App for System of Precise Proof of Ownership

Emercoin has announced it releases EMC DPO, a web app making the blockchain-based system of precise proof of ownership more convenient and simple.

Emercoin Claims Spammers Attempt to Discredit the Project

Oleg Khovayko, Emercoin CTO, told ForkLog the project’s assumed rivals were trying to undermine the company’s reputation with spam in Slack channel.

Miners Now Can Mine Bitcoin and Emercoin Simultaneously

According to Emercoin’s Ivan Kuznetsov, Emercoin is to officially switch to merged mining this February.

Chronobank to Use Emercoin Solutions

Chronobank, a project powered by Australia-based recruiting company Edway, will employ Emercoin solutions for further development, the project’s official blog post reads.

FriGate Now Supports Emercoin Domain Zones

Browser extension FriGate which finds bypasses to access blocked websites is now capable of opening websites located in Emercoin domain zone.

Hashcoins To Replace Multiple Passwords With One Blockchain

A modern human being has to remember dozens of logins and passwords to access all accounts at different platforms. The more reliable the password, the harder it is to remember it; and the more unique passwords there are, the higher the probability of forgetting some of them.

HashCoins Presents a Blockchain Solution for Vehicle Title Certification System

Russia-based blockchain startup HashCoins is developing a service for certification of vehicle titles based on EmerCoin blockchain, which seeks to make the work of relevant state offices more efficient. The new solution may also prove useful to manufacturers of various motor vehicles, including cars, trucks, tractors, motor bikes, and light airplanes, all of which demand […]

Pornolab Creates a Mirror in EmerCoin’s Decentralized Domain Zone

Pornolab, one of the biggest adult torrent trackers in post-Soviet states, has created a mirror to bypass the ban of the main domain.