Helicopter Money: Way out of Crisis or Fallacy of Traditional Economics? Helicopter Money: Way out of Crisis or Fallacy of Traditional Economics?

On March 27th, the U.S. Senate approved the largest anti-crisis measures package to support the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s worth $2.2 trillion. The list of measures includes increasing spending on healthcare, providing direct financial help to the population, and allowing businesses to get discount loans and grants to cover salaries during the quarantine.

Wassim Alsindi: Fiat Money Is an Experiment and Not Very Long-Lived One

Among different kinds of money, only certain ones succeed. Although, it isn’t always the good money that succeeds. This held true for early economic relationships that appeared when barter became insufficient, this holds true for the traditional finance, and this is apparently true for the new kinds of money like cryptocurrencies.

Labor as Value: Classic and Contemporary Labor Money

The history of labor cost theory is very ancient. People have long ago concluded that any product requires some time and work long ago. And, the more labor and time the product creation takes, the more valuable it is, and the higher is its cost.

Internet of People: Founder of Fermat Presents Project’s Perspective Of Peer-to-Peer Economy

ForkLog talked with Luis Molina, leader of initiative on creating a blockchain-based platform for p2p apps Fermat about the opportunities of creating decentralized services. The issues of existing internet centralization, end-to-end encryption of personal data and sharing economy emergence hit the headlines every now and then. Sharing economy principles found in Uber and Airbnb becomes […]

Hashing Cash: Will Cryptocurrencies Replace Banknotes?

Earlier this February, German ministry of finance came up with a proposal to limit cash transactions to 5,000 Euros. While the move has launched yet another set of indignation ripples across local society, it can hardly be perceived as something new.

Currency Notes of Bitcoin: Today and Tomorrow

The Nature of Currency Notes In the course of money functioning, regardless of the commodity acting as a common equivalent, its notes sporadically emerge in the form of monetary liabilities and bonds. A monetary liability is a security establishing its issuer’s liability to exchange the note for a predetermined amount of money (those are commercial […]

Market Evolution in the Context of Cryptotechnologies

People got used to idea of life forms being some kind of organic systems consisting of material world particles obeying to evolutionary laws. But what is life as it is?

Why Bitcoin Isn’t Gold 2.0

Bitcoin advocates like Erik Voorhees compare it to gold. They emphasize that in terms of technological criteria like uniformity, severability, unit cost, longevity, and transportability Bitcoin actually excels gold.