Ukraine’s Geocadastre Service to Test Blockchain-Based E-Auction System

A blockchain-based e-auction system for land plots which allows for running electronic bidding alongside the traditional auctions was presented in the Ukraine’s city of Odessa.

Ukraine’s Cadaster Service Gets Blockchainized

Expert group of the Innovation and Development Foundation is at the final stages of developing a blockchain-based platform for Ukraine’s State Service of Geodesics, Cartography and Cadaster.

One More Ukrainian City Starts Using Blockchain Platform Auction 3.0

August 5, Ukrainian city Bila Tserkva (meaning White Church) held an auction on leasing local public property, which featured usage of blockchain-based online platform Auction 3.0.

Ukrainian Government To Use the Blockchain Auction For Selling Its Assets

The news was announced during the online conference with Alexander Danilyuk, Minister of Finance of Ukraine, at “Blockchain Incredible Party” (aka BIP001) event that took place in Odessa.

Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency: A Brief Guide to the Future Part I

Using blockchain technology apart from its original application, cryptocurrency, isn’t news any longer. Numerous projects around the globe come up with new ideas as to how distributed ledger technology may be applicable beyond just transacting values.

First All-Ukraine Auction 3.0 Access Platform Announced

Developers of Coinessa and BTCZoo from EMK have announced launch of all-Ukraine platform for access to Auction 3.0, a blockchain-based platform for public property auctions. The platform has been developed in cooperation with IDF Reform Labs,  and the project leaders were David Kiziria and Lasha Antandze, while the platform’s API has been supplied by PrivatBank. […]

The World’s First State Auction on the Blockchain Being Tested in Ukraine

This Monday, February 22, the Ukrainian platform for state e-auctions on a blockchain has been released for public testing. The source code is available on GitLab, and the platform integration manual has been detailed in the public note in Ukrainian and in English. “The aim of the project is to build up a transparent, decentralised […]