Blockchain-based e-Voting to Be Launched in Odessa Region, Ukraine

E-Vox team has announced the launch of blockchain-based e-voting service e-Vox:NaRada at the City Rada (council) of Balta, a town in Odessa Region of Ukraine.

Elections in Ukraine May Run on Ethereum’s Blockchain

KYIV, UKRAINE, 02.11.2016 – Memorandum concerning creation of E-vox, Ethereum-based electronic election system, was signed. The system in question will be used for holding election at any level, varying from municipal councils to the national parliament. Presently, the system is an Ethereum-based smart contract prototype taking into account Ukrainian political peculiarities. The prototype was developed […]

Blockchain to be Used in Yet Another Ukrainian E-Gov Project

Yet another Ukrainian city became a testing platform for blockchain integration in government management. Speaking at Blockchain Incredible Party conference in Ukrainian city of Lviv, Oleksii Konashevych, a spokesman to the electronic democracy reforming group, stated that state services platform would employ a blockchain-based voting system.